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What is Crazy Runners

Crazy Runners is the First Referral Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT Game on Kadena blockchain inspired by the popular game named Pepsi Man

Crazy Runners is a vast digital universe in which users take on the role of endless runner, where they should try to keep running until the end.
The player must overcome obstacles, pass by houses and potholes in the road, and cross under trucks.  For some missions equipments such as bicycles must be used.

single & Multiplayer challenges

Crafting, gathering, trading are at the core of Crazy Runners and is driven & owned by players. Using NFTs to further expand player’s influence, control of value, demand and scarcity will empower the community to flourish the economy.

Run /play-to-earn

Play to Earn is a corner stone of Crazy Runners. Via the $KDR token we aim to empower users to appreciate their assets via gameplay and earn $KDR in the process. These assets can then be sold or traded for other tokens or converted to real world currencies.

Build and trade NFT

Real digital ownership over most in-game items by turning them into NFTs. Customized player characters can be bought, sold or traded for $KDR tokens.

What is Crazy Runners

The game is from a fast-paced first-person perspective.
The character runs around the shops, people and obstacles, and it is the player’s objective to tilt their device left or right in order to dodge obstacles that may appear before them.
They may collect KDR, the game’s currency, along the way while also encountering the occasional power-up.

Obstacles will vary between people, rubbish bins, wet floor signs, mop buckets and NPCs standing around.

Featured Player

Crazy Runners is a mobile based video game built on Kadena Blockchain.

The game is a never ending saga and it goes on forever until the player fails .

The player also collects coins in the process and uses them for upgrading powers and unlocking more characters.
The game is played only with touch screen mobile phones which make their controls basically swipe in all the four basic directions.


The total maximum fixed supply of the game's token is 10,000,000,000 KDR

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